but fixing of thoese keys ShenKong sk-2063
ShenKong SK2063_1

ShenKong SK2063
delayed for now/ can’t found schem for it, and cabels all messed up
one of members tryed to upgrade it – and degraded it))) now mine idea to fix it, and then upgrade it
with, pitch, disortion, tone edit, out, usb input for dc and when get my hands on arduino will add midi.

BUT for now it’s. fail.
would be nice if anyone will give photo of opened back of this toy.
then i’ll place wires right.
but for now tested and without luck, might some parts dead, hope nothing crucial,
maybe some resistors, and condensators, but by look can’t find any problems.

At first need to know where realy should be placed dc wires and other. will add photos tomorrow.

if anyone can help with advice and info realy appreaciate.

PS: recorded few cool melodys on it, it’s a nice instrument in some way. liked sounds, in other toys for the same cost that times was awfull. but this i liked and even made few parts for keys for our band, obviouse then they were played on workstation keys but were writen on ShenKong sk-2063.
EXAMPLE: Morning storm https://under95sight.wordpress.com/2020/08/13/morning-storm-at-urbancad/